New Bangkok Thai Restaurant - 627 S. Opdyke Road, Auburn Hills, Mi 48326  Phone 248 454-1166

A1   Spring Roll (2 rolls)                                          $3.30 
          Deep fried eggroll filled with special seasoning noodles 
          and shredded vegetables. Served with plum sauce.
A2   Fresh Roll (2 rolls)                                            $5.50
          Prepared fresh rice paper roll filled with shrimp, beansprouts,
           mints, lettuce, and noodles. Served with cucumber sauce.
A3   Crab Rangoon ( 6 pieces)                                 $5.00 
          Deep fried 'til golden filled with crabmeat and cream cheese.
           Served with plum sauce.
A5   Tofu Tod (8 pieces)                                           $4.50
          Lightly batter deep fried tofu 'til golden. 
          Served with plum sauce.
A7   Fried Chicken Wings (7 pcs.)                             $6.00
          Deep fried chicken wings in special seasoning.
           Served with Sriracha hot sauce.
A8   Koon Hua Pa (4 rolls)                                        $3.30 
          Deep fried shrimp and pork eggrolls marinated in
          special seasoning. Served with plum sauce.


SP8    Tom Yum          Chicken      $3.50          Shrimp         $4.50
               A very popular Thai soup with strip bamboo shoot,
               mushroom, tomato, and onions in Thai herbs.
SP9    Tom Kha            Chicken     $4.95       Shrimp         $5.50
               Same as Tom Yum (above) with coconut milk added.
SP10   Vegetable Soup                                          $2.99 
               Peapod, bamboo shoot, mushroom, cabbage, and tofu
SP11   Hot and Sour Soup (Our Famous Soup)            $2.99
               A perfect blend of hot (spicy) and sour with
               exotic Chinese vegetables.
SP12   Beef Noodle Soup (A meal by itself                      $8.96 
              A delicious rice noodle soup with beef, green and white onions, 
               beansprout, basil, and crushed peanut.
SP13   Tom Yum Chicken Noodle Soup                 $8.49 
              Tom Yum soup with rice noodle and chicken.

           It is a meal by itself.

Authentic Thai Specialties

TH3   Nua Yang *( Cook to order )                                              $12.95 
             A popular Thai salad. Grilled tender beef, sliced marinated 
             in Thai special sauce. Served over a bed of lettuce.
TH4   Laab                                                               $11.95 
             A Southeastern Asia Favorite. Minced chicken with lemon grass,
             onions, lime juice, and crushed-roasted rice mixed with
             special seasoning. Served over a bed of lettuce.
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