New Bangkok Thai Restaurant - 627 S. Opdyke Road, Auburn Hills, Mi 48326  Phone 248 454-1166
Batter Chicken Sweet and Sour
Batter Chicken with pineapple, bell pepper, and white onions.                          $9.43
Served with Fried Rice.
Add Mixed Vegies to Fried Rice                                                                         $1.50
Pad Woonsene with Chicken (Crystal Clear Noodle)               $8.49
Transparent noodle stir fried with egg, green onions, carrots, and bamboo
in house special sauce.
NB Bangkok Chicken with Fried Rice                                           $9.43
Batter chicken in special sweet and sour sauce.
Served with Fried Rice.
Add mixed vegies to Fried Rice                                             $1.50
House Special Noodle                                                                         $10.00       
Stir fried egg noodle with beef, chicken, shrimp, peapod
cabbage, bamboo, bell pepper, and white and green onions.
Garlicky Fried Rice with Chicken                                                   $8.49
Fried rice with white and green onions, beansprouts,  
broccoli, and chicken in house special garlicky sauce.
NB Thai Steak with Fried Rice                                                          $11.99
Grilled beef sirlion coarsely sliced sauteed with scallion,
spanish onion, and mushroom in a house-special sauce
Served with Fried Rice.
Add mix vegies $1.50 to Fried Rice
Peanut Curry Noodle with Chicken                                                $8.49
Broccoli, mushroom, and bamboo sauteed with peanut curry sauce
pour oversteam wide rice noodle. 
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